Kids Rock Early Learning Centre

Opening Hours
7.30 am - 5.30 pm Monday to Friday
6 Patetere Street, Tirau 3410





Children Ages & Areas:

Kids Rock Early Learning Centre provides quality care and education for children under five years old.


Open Hours:

Children are welcome to attend :

Monday – Friday
7:30 – 5:30
We are only closed for the statutory holidays


License & ERO report:

Kids Rock Early Learning Centre is licensed and funded by the Ministry of Education. A copy of our license is on display at all times.  Information about our latest ERO review is available in the Parents library or from reception.

 Visits prior to starting:

Children can often find it challenging to settle into new and unfamiliar environments and this can be distressing for both the child and parent.  The time taken to settle into the Kids Rock environment is greatly reduced by making a few visits with your child before they are expected to attend. Parents are asked to bring their children in for visits prior to start date in order for children to meet and interact with their new friends and caregivers in a relaxed atmosphere. This gives parents and teachers the chance to know as much as possible about your child’s needs and daily activities at Kids Rock!.



Healthy home cooked meals are provided for your children at Kids Rock.

Morning and afternoon tea is provided and  comprises of fruit and mainly home baking.

Children with special meal requirements unable to be met by Kids Rock will be able to bring a lunchbox or food for heating.  This will be in agreement between you and Kitchen Staff or Management.



Children are invited to celebrate their birthdays at Kids Rock.


Communication, News & Events:

We have notices on our whiteboard outside and our Facebook and Story park

Notices are displayed on the noticeboard or on the day sheet for parents to read.

Children’s portfolios are on display for parents to share with children’s discoveries and learning experiences.

Nappy, toileting and sleep routines are recorded and available for parents to view each day.

Please advise us of changes to your child’s routine.



All children can sleep at Kids Rock and individual routines retained as much as possible.

We have cotton sheets and woollen blankets or cotton quilts for the bedding in keeping with our natural approach to our environment and equipment.


Enrolled Hours:

Tots must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 days a week and 6hours a day to enable them to settle and gain the most from their experience at Kids Rock. This would facilitate the bonding and attachment process between children and their caregivers in a shorter period and we find that a minimum of 10 hours in total each week will best accommodate this.

Big Kids receiving 20  ECE hours must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 hours


Learning Journals:

Every child has special folder of learning and experiences while at Kids Rock.  In this we document your child’s journey of exploration and discovery, special interests and strengths.  We believe it is important to celebrate the individual abilities of each child’s development at their own rate in the diverse range of skills being learnt.  We provide support for child initiated play and learning in an environment rich with social interaction and learning experiences.


Child Health & Illness:

Please ring to notify staff if your child is unwell and unable to attend.

Your child should be kept home if you suspect illness, especially of an infectious nature.

Please keep children at home until they have been well for 48 hrs.

In the event that any child becomes ill while at Kids Rock, we require a parent or guardian to collect them immediately.  (Please see our child health policy for details about when it is necessary to keep your child at home or collect them from the centre.  Thank you)


Vision & Hearing Checks:

Every term the Vision and Hearing Technician will be visiting Kids Rock to check 4 & 5 yr olds for free as part of the District Health policy.  A notice will be placed on the parents notice board listing the children who are eligible for checks.  If you do not wish your child to be checked, please inform staff.


Regulations & Criteria:

Parents can access copies of ECE regulations and licensing criteria from the shelf in the parent’s corner. There is also information about our policies, reviews in our parent’s corner.

Our ERO report is also available for you to view at the centre .

We would like to welcome our families to Kids Rock and we look forward many happy years of growing together