Tirau Volunteer Fire Brigade

Okoroire Rd, Tirau 3410


Serving the community and surrounds of Tirau,

the Northern Gateway to the South Waikato


Tirau sits at the junction of 4 major state highways in the middle of the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand. The town and surrounds are served by a dedicated and enthusiastic crew of volunteers who, day and night, answer the call to assist someone in need, be they residents in the town or nearby outskirts, visitors to our area, people passing through, or neighbouring brigades requesting assistance.

Tirau Volunteer Fire Brigades operates a rescue tender. It carries all the necessary firefighting equipment that would generally be expected to be employed, plus the hydraulic rescue gear for extricating people trapped in vehicles or machinery.

Tirau Volunteer Fire Brigade also runs a First Response Unit. Called to not only assist Ambulance on the scene of a medical emergency, but with a crew trained to a level where they can provide life saving intervention should they arrive before the Ambulance.

Tirau Volunteer Fire Brigade is proud to serve its community, and help protect what that community values.


Posted by Tirau Volunteer Fire Brigade on Friday, 9 December 2016